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Important Update: Google Ads Policy Change for Click Tracker Usage – Ensuring Accuracy and Compliance

Effective August 2023, Google Ads will be implementing an update to its Restricted ad formats and features policy regarding the usage of click tracker services. This update introduces a new requirement that affects the use of click trackers in the Tracking Template feature. First-time click tracker users will be forced to utilize approved click trackers in the Tracking Template in order to avoid having their ads rejected. The week of August 28th will mark the start of this transformation. It is crucial to remember that this new restriction will not apply to advertisers who used click trackers before August 28. They are not subject to any limitations while using the Tracking Template feature.

Google has established a certification procedure for click tracker service providers in order to assure compliance and streamline the use of click trackers. These providers can apply for certification by following the guidelines outlined on a dedicated website. Adhering to these guidelines will help click tracker service providers become certified. As part of the certification process, Google has already auto-certified some click tracker service providers who meet the certification guidelines. All click tracker providers who successfully complete the certification process are included on a comprehensive list of these auto-certified click trackers, which are available and are routinely updated. The objective of this policy update is to enhance the overall user experience and safeguard the credibility of Google Ads advertising. By utilizing certified click trackers in the Tracking Template feature, advertisers can ensure accurate tracking and measurement of their ad performance, which is vital for optimizing campaigns and driving results. Advertisers are strongly encouraged to review their click-tracking practices and ensure compliance with the new policy. Optimize your campaigns with certified click trackers – Choose a trusted Digital Marketing Services Company. If you are a click tracker service provider, we recommend familiarizing yourself with the certification guidelines and submitting your application for certification to be included in the list of certified click trackers.

Google is committed to providing a fair and transparent advertising ecosystem, and this policy update is a step towards achieving that goal. We appreciate your cooperation and understanding as we work together to maintain high standards and deliver a positive experience for all users of Google Ads.

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